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FAIR WARNING: If you think freelancing is the end-all, be-all ultimate dream that's gonna give you all the freedom and money your greedy little heart desires... you, my friend, are setting yourself up for...
In your business AND your life -- and the only way to stop it is to "ascend" to a higher plane of business existence.

Dear friend,

Hippy metaphors aside... 

There's something to this. I see a lot of freelancers stuck in purgatory. This weird, middle space -- where they're earning enough money to be happy and provide for themselves and their families...
John Morris

Not a hippy, but might play one in sales letters.

But not enough to get over the hump into true take-no-shit, you-ain't-the-boss-of-me freedom. I'm talking Floyd Mayweather "I do what I want, when I want, how I want" type freedom.

Like... "hey boss man, take your deadline and shove it up your--"

Well, you get the point.

Thankfully, it doesn't take Floyd Mayweather money to get there. 

In fact, 50K/year done right could get you there. Of course, the upside of what I'm going to show you is that your income potential is far beyond that. You could make millions or a simple 6-figures -- whatever you want, really.

Point is...
It's NOT About the Money, Per Se

Case in point... when I was at the height of my freelancing career -- making the most I ever made from freelancing (a strong 6-figures)... I was miserable. I was working 14-16 hours a day.

Had clients hounding me 24/7.

Was watching my kids grow up without me.

A wife who was frustrated and annoyed.

It was NOT everything I'd imagined it would be. And that's because it's NOT about the money... completely. Strangely, I make more now than I did back then... but work a helluva a lot less.

Because I realized...

What Good Is a Bunch of Money If You Don't Have the Time to Enjoy It With the People You Love?

So, it's also about HOW you earn it. 

Is it "make money while you sleep" money or do you gotta show up, day in and day out to make what you make. THAT is where I find a lot freelancers... hell just businesspeople, in general. 

And, it's fine. 

It's certainly better than a J-O-B.

At least, you own it.

You call the shots... and you can pass it down to your kids.

All that.

But, there's more out there if you want it. 

Anyway, that's the deal here. My new Ascension Matrix course is the game plan I created for myself all those years ago to GET where I am now -- working maybe 4-6 hours a day, but still earning that strong 6-figure income.

And able to take off whenever I want.

And really only working because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to.

And, I'm simply gonna show you what I did.

Specifically, it's about showing you: 1) how to quickly get TO freelancing -- a crucial first step and 2) leveraging your knowledge and experience BEYOND freelancing to create REAL freedom. 

True Freedom to Do What You Want, When You Want, How You Want -- Which Is the Whole Point

Because, as I've said, it's about TIME, not necessarily money. 

Or more precisely... yes, potentially making a bunch of money... but not having to slave away at your desk for 26 hours a day to do it.

Now, I imagine some of the youngins in the crowd won't quite get that. Maybe even a few of you olds haven't yet figured out how precious your time is. 

That's okay... you probably won't be ready for this. 

Buuuut... if you ARE at the point where you want more of your time back and want to be able to up and go on a vacation mid-week. Or, eff it... I'm taking the day off and gonna watch Netflix and eat Cheetos in my underwear.

(No picture please. :/)

Or, you're tired of watching your kids grow up without you. 

Whatever it is for you... 

If you're there, here's a sample of what I'm going to show you in the course:

A simple way to earn as much as $500/hour with a low-cost service you can easily add to your existing offers. Clients will feel like they're paying you less, but you're actually earning more (and no, it's not simply fixed-price projects) (Lesson 5).

How running a marathon can make others almost willing to die for you -- and how to use your newfound influence to get clients easier, create more leverage and earn more free time in your business and life (Lesson 3).

A clever trick to sell your services without selling. People will virtually line up to hire you but with almost no persuasion or cajoling on your part. Plus, it's the same tactic I used to get hired by celebrity clients like Tim Ferris, Ben Settle, Michael Hyatt, Inc. Magazine and others (Lesson 4).

A ingenious twist to a training principle used by elite body-builders that can create near-instant trust with potential clients and can help you to sell your services easier (and get paid more with almost no pushback) (Lesson 4).

The Ascension Matrix -- a step-by-step guide to evolve to and beyond freelancing, create more leverage in your life and business and garner true "eff you, I do what I want, when I want" freedom (Lesson 1).

An age-old saying that ironically contains the cure to freelancers who feel overworked and trapped by their current freelance business. No doubt you've heard, but almost no one truly grasps its meaning and how it cuts to the heart of what's holding you back from real financial freedom (Lesson 1).

An unusual method for getting clients to pay you for doing nothing. In fact, a company of mine once paid a guy $15,000... to DO absolutely nothing -- and couldn't have been happier with. I'll show you how you can do similar in your business (Lesson 5).

The billion-dollar company whose epic fall from grace is a warning for freelancers who think they've made it. And I reveal an aspect of that story hardly anyone knows or talks about that is may be the most important lesson you can take from it (Lesson 1).

Berserker Marketing. How to use the battle secrets of these blood-thirsty warriors to turn even the most skeptical prospects into an almost cult-like following -- potentially earning you all the clients and customers your greedy little heart desires (Lesson 4).

Why most freelancers aren't actually freelancers -- and how this one misunderstanding can lead you down a dark path of misery and failure. Plus, I'll show you what you actually are and how you can "ascend" into higher levels of control, freedom and revenue (Lesson 1).

Machiavellian power tactics to gain the upper-hand in nearly any situation -- that could be used to move up faster at your job, gain more firm control of clients... and possibly even give you more power in romantic relationships, friendships and any other social situation (Lesson 2).

A sneaky way to turn your co-workers into your personal self-help gurus -- letting you glean nearly all their knowledge and wisdom without offering them anything in return (Lesson 2).

A scary, but effective, way to make yourself unfirable. Whether it's a job, a client -- heck, it may even work in your sex life -- use this trick to make people terrified of getting rid of you (Lesson 2).

A sly negotiation tactic, used by FBI hostage negotiators, to win arguments, get your ideas accepted and systematically increase your influence -- without coming across like an a-hole (Lesson 2).

An old Nazi war tactic transformed into a nearly foolproof technique to WOW clients (or employers). It's most effectively used to create a dynamite first impression -- and possibly even get clients, customers, and employers raving about you with almost zealot-like fervor (Lesson 2).

Leadership tactics, used by mafia bosses (and the U.S. Military), to command respect and obedience -- without the need to take a baseball bat to anyone's legs. Use these to garner almost deity-like reverence from clients, customers, employees -- and virtually anyone you interact with (Lesson 2).

The most common mistake people make when trying to go freelance. Skipping this step almost always leads to YEARS of heartache. And is, in my opinion, the #1 reason aspiring freelancers eventually give up (Lesson 3).

An obvious, but often misunderstood, way to permanently crack the "time for money" paradigm. Stop getting paid for what you DO and start getting paid for what you KNOW -- and shatter the glass ceiling on your earning potential. I'll show you how (Lesson 4).

The "Holy Trinity" of freelance (and business). Three skills that will account for 90% of your success as a freelancer and business-owner (Lesson 4).

Weasel words that create almost-instant believability. Virtually every Twitter copywriting guru would tell you to avoid these words at all costs, but they've been used, for decades, by people like Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Ben Settle and other top marketers to sell millions in online products and services. Use them in your profiles, sales pages, social media, etc... to be more persuasive and potentially sell more of your own products and services. And yes... I've used them extensively throughout this sales page. ;) (Lesson 6)

The Dark Side of freelancing. Insidious ways most freelancers sabotage themselves and how to overcome them (Lesson 4).

How ordinary people can create generational wealth. You don't need to be a famous rapper or flamboyant boxer... I'll show you a simple way to build your empire for you, your kids and your grandkids (Lesson 4).

The line you must cross to get hired. Everybody wants to be liked and seen as friendly... but in order to get hired by a client, you MUST cross this one line -- no matter how scary or intimidating it might be (Lesson 4).

Why, today, niches are mostly irrelevant and stupid. Almost without fail, the first words out of any marketing gurus mouth will be "pick a niche". You've probably heard it so much you want to vomit. I'll show you why, today, it's not just pointless but can actually hurt you (depending on what products and services you're selling) -- and what to do instead (Lesson 6).

Persuasion secrets from beyond. How a dead man can help you be more persuasive and get clients and customers more easily (Lesson 4).

A scientific, no-hype method of selling, used by doctors to create an nearly insatiable need for your products or services without hype, bragging or flashing a Rolex (Lesson 4).

How two minutes of work earned me thousands in profit -- without me lifting a finger. I can't promise you'll have the exact same results, but I can show you what I did and how to potentially reproduce it (Lesson 7).

A sneaky way to use Amazon to get high quality leads for your business -- and NO, it's not writing a book and putting your link in it (or anything boring obvious like that) (Lesson 6).

An often-mocked, but effective, method to leap from charging $100 or $200 per hour all the way up to $5,000 an hour and up. Facebook lames might laugh and snicker... but the people who use this method are usually the ones laughing all the way to the bank (Lesson 5).

An obscure math principle that, oddly enough, contains the key to sky-high sales conversion rates. Freelance profiles, marketing funnels, sales pages, lead magnets, landing pages -- if you're marketing or selling almost anything, this principle is the key to unlock increased conversions (Lesson 6).

And yes... a whole lot more.

Bottom line... everything here is aimed at helping you squeeze more income out of every hour you work -- to the point you may only have to work a few minutes a day to make all you want and more.

THAT is the point.

No promises, of course, but that is the intent.

But, fair warning...

If you're looking for "that one weird" trick that will instantly make you a bazillionaire... or you're allergic to doing some thinking for yourself, then this ain't gonna be your cup o' tea, sweetie.

Best to just pass.

With that in mind..

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Take it or leave it. Just remember... all sales are FINAL and there are NO refunds. If you're, at all, uncertain about taking the course... don't. If you half-ass buy it, you'll half-ass implement it.

And, that's not good for anybody.

Anyway, if you're 100% sure you want in...

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