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While scrubs and do-nothing losers reflexively scream...
At the "horror" of sending cold email to get clients, you can make out like a frog at a mosquito convention using my unique anti-SPAM Cold Email Method.

Dear friend,

Let's cut the s***, shall we?

The reality is... some people hear "cold email" and immediately curl up in a ball, sniveling in their Snuggie about "spam". If that's you, peace my brotha! This here interwebs page ain't going to be your cup of soy.

But, if you're like me...

Which means... you don't get snooty about how you get your clients and make your money -- and you can think more than 3 inches in front of your nose and realize that all the lame cold emails you get on a daily basis...

Aren't the ONLY way to do it...

Then, I'll show you what might just be...

The Single Quickest Way to Gain Kung Fu Grip-Like Control of Your Freelance Income Using Cold Email

No sniveling on your knees before the "almighty" freelance sites begging them to throw you a few scraps -- of clients and cashflow.

No sucking up to a room full of "bros" and "bro-ettes" at a networking event in the hopes they'll throw a lead or two your way.

No writing 1,000 blog posts hoping Google ranks your content so maybe, one day... if the Googs deems you worthy... you'll actually get a paying client.

The fact of the matter is...

Cold email is not just the fastest way to get new clients -- you could write an email in the next 5 minutes, send it and potentially land a client -- but it's the ONLY way that gives you 100% control of your client-acquisition.

No freelance site, no Google, no "gatekeepers"...

Just you, the client and an email.

If you send it to the right person and you put the right words in that email, you can get hired -- even as soon as today. It's like what one of my students, Andrew, said to me:

"I really believe that cold email is more like a superpower rather than a client acquisition method. Email is so set in stone that you could reach anyone by email if you do the research. This can get you clients (like it did for me), a job, partnerships, whatever you want or need."

That's probably why, according to a survey of 200 SDR teams, 100% of them use cold email as an outreach method. If you don't know what an SDR team is, they're outbound sales teams that big companies hire to get them new clients and customers. Think "assassin"... but for sales and marketing.

This is what they do.

And, ALL of them use cold email.

Of course, the problem is...

Most Cold Emails Are Straight Garbage

And most of the other methods being taught are at Douche Level 6,000. I get them, too, and roll my eyes every time I get one. These clowns think they're clever... not realizing I get the same douchey email 17 times a day.


For the record... that ain't what I do, sugar lips.

Even way back to my days as a top sales person, I never did much prancing around like an idiot to get prospects to pay attention to me. Let's cut the bullsh** and get down to biznass...

No? Okay, NEXT!

That's always been my mentality.

And, it's the same with my Cold Email Method. The trick is... it takes just a bit more research and effort BEFORE you write the email. But, that effort pays off in spades as you get near-100% open rates and sky-high response rates.

Cue Andrew once more:

"I've sent out emails to some [for students only] using your method, guess the open rate? 100%. :D"

(By the way, most cold email "experts" say you need an open rate of at least 30%. 50% is considered good. Entire (multi-million dollar) companies and industries survive off those rates. So, imagine what you could do with 100%.)

Instead of spamming thousands of randos, who may have ZERO need for your services... you zero in on the highly qualified leads that you know DO need your help -- and you hit them between the eyes...

With an email they almost HAVE to read.

That's how it's done... and that's what I teach. Anyway, enough of me blabbering on about how great my method is. Here's the dealio... I've packaged my entire cold email process into a course I call...

The Cold Email Method

I know... riveting course name, bro! But, like I said, I ain't one for smoke and mirrors and all that happy horses***. Anyway, here's some of what you'll find in this epicly-named course:

  • A clever way to send your emails that guarantees near-100% inbox deliverability -- easily slide past every spam filter straight to your prospect's inbox nearly every time. This method is based on what I learned in my 17-year web development career, building hundreds of websites for clients... and is so simple and obvious you'll kick yourself for not having thought of it (yet, almost nobody does it).

  • A completely FREE way find the fat cat leads all around you-- big money clients who WANT (almost to the point of being desperate) to pay a quality freelancer handsomely to help them. They're everywhere online and off and I'll show you how to find and qualify them using free tools you use everyday.

  • A simple technique for uncovering a client's most urgent needs (that, conveniently, your services happen to solve -- and I mean URGENT needs... things they desperately need to fix and may not even know it. You'll send your emails KNOWING (not hoping or guessing) they need your help. And, if they turn you down, you'll walk away laughing... knowing they're the ones who will suffer as you help all their competitors instead.

  • The "Maria Carie Method". Why are you so obsessed with me? Haha... this is my slick little method for uncovering your client's emotional hot buttons and stomping on them so hard in your email that you create an almost mini "obsession" in the client's mind. They won't be able to stop thinking about what you said and may even hire you just to make it stop.

  • A simple 7-step process for closing deals that I've used to sell millions in cars, shoes, knives, web development services and online courses. You'll use this method to close the sale with your clients AFTER they respond to your email -- whether that be through an in-person meeting, Zoom or right there in your email inbox. Just follow this "paint-by-numbers" system and you'll convert a high percentage of those contacts into clients.

  • A devilish way to use Facebook to ethically "stalk" potential clients so you can write emails that slap them between the eyeballs and get them to devour your cold emails and actually like you after reading them. 

  • The secret of "Extreme Personalization" that's been proven, by a industry-leading CRM, to double the open rates on cold emails.

  • The "3X" technique I learned from the from the "Godfather of online business" -- him and his clients have done over 100 million in online sales -- that can nearly triple your overall hire rate from cold email. 

  • A brilliantly simple way billion dollar companies like Nike, Apple and Microsoft consistently grow their business through good times and bad -- and how to use this technique to increase your likelihood of getting hired from cold email. 

  • The big lie behind the supposed freelance feast/famine cycle so many bloggers and YouTubers screech about. Here's what they're not telling you. 

  • A 3-part business expansion strategy, strangely common among highly successful companies, to rapidly multiply the services you can offer to clients AND the offers you can make to cold email prospects. 

  • The secret to creating eerily consistent freelance income. It's almost spooky how stable your month-over-month income can become when you do this.

  • What to do if a prospect doesn't respond to your cold email sequence. How to get hired anyway. 

  • The 7 highest-converting types of offers you can put in front of a cold email prospects to get them to buy.

  • A sneaky way to get clients to pay you even if they don't hire you.

  • Relentless Follow-up. How to methodically chip away at a client's will power with strategic follow-up offers that wear them down and get them to say yes -- even if, they hate your guts.

  • The 140-email follow-up sequence, I learned from one of the top internet marketers on the planet, that all but guarantees a client will hire you.

  • A simple but effective way to instantly disarm a prospect's natural skepticism and slip by their "who the hell is this guy" defense mechanism using 1 or 2 strategically placed sentences. 

  • A clever trick to get clients who tell you no to buy from you anyway.

  • The secret to an 18% cold outreach hire rate. Not open rate. Not response rate. 18% of the people you reach out to HIRING you. No promises that'll happen to you, but I'll show you how others are doing it. And the internet wizard who taught them how. 

  • The Cold Email Fail-Safe. How to make cold email still work even if you do everything wrong. 

  • My swipe of Dan Kennedy's infamous direct mail follow-up sequence -- applied to cold email with devastating effect.

  • The exact subject line to use in your 1st follow-up email every time. It should be this and only this

  • What to automate and what not to. Automate the wrong things and your email will go straight to spam and never be seen. Get it right and you can have new clients just "appearing" in your inbox.

  • The not so obvious "inbox" signal that tells the the big email services to send your email straight to a prospect's inbox... not spam or promotions. And no... it's not get whitelisted or getting them to reply. How to slip pass all the filters even if the prospect never responds. 

  • A foolproof way to subtly signal to a client your email isn't automated, which will cause them to perk up, pay attention and give your email a fair shot (which is half the battle with cold email).

And yes... a whole lot more.

Bottom line... you're going to learn a method for sending cold emails that actually works AND doesn't make you play "court jester" just to get a potential client to "bless" you with their attention.

Plenty of clients are in desperate need of your help.

Find 'em, email 'em, get hired.

It's that damn simple.

But, let me cover a few common questions I get:

Do I Have to Pay For Leads?

The short answer is: No.

I'll say it once more for the kids in the back... I do NOT teach you how to buy some rando lead list, load it up in some software and blast a cookie-cutter email out to 1,000 nobodies who may or may not need your services. 

 No, no and no. 

So, no... you don't pay for leads. Instead, I show you how to find, sift and sort the thousands of very highly qualified leads that are all around you -- online and off. And, how to quickly qualify them... 

Identify their pressing needs... 

And craft a laser-targeted email to THEM... specifically. 

All using completely free tools

This is what I've been trying to tell you. Understanding how to do this is like a super power. There's no paying for anything. No relying on anyone. Just you, the client and an email. Thaz it, homey!

Do I Have to... Like... Talk to Other Humans?

The truth is this.

Closing these deals via phone call, Zoom call or an in-person meeting will 100% lead to better conversions. There's just no way around that. Nothing matches the persuasive power of that face-to-face contact.

I'd be lying if I told you otherwise.

But, don't worry...

I'll show you what to do. In fact, I give you the exact presentation template I use, so you can plan (and practice) the entire meeting beforehand. So, everything is planned out and you're in complete control the entire time.

And, you don't go in shakin' like leaf.

Confident and in control.

That said, you can close the deals via email if you really want to. And, you can still follow the template I give you. It just won't convert, as well. That's the truth. But, I'd guess it'll still convert well enough to make it all work.

So, up to you, ultimately, how you want to do it.

But, John... If This Method Is So Great, Why Don't You Just Use It Yourself?

...screech the know-nothings.

I do, dummy.

But, ya know... I can only work with so many clients at a time. 24 hours in a day and all that. And, I have ZERO desire to run an agency and manage other people. Been there, done that... NO thank you!

Sooo... why not "monetize" this information another way?

That's what I'm doing. I like teaching and, judging by the complete s***show of cold emails I get on a daily basis, there are lots of people who need to learn this, so here we are.  

But, did you really need me to explain that to you?

If you're just looking for excuses not to buy this course...


Seriously, that's not a marketing "ploy" or whatever. If you half-a** buy the course, you're going to half-a** implement it. And, that won't get you anywhere and you'll come whining to me about it.

I don't need that energy, dork.

So, if you're not 100% sure... stay far, far away!

Anyway, you're either in or out at this point. If you're ready to learn this method and start getting clients on command via cold email, the price of the course is a flat $88 $24 (for a limited time)-- which you could easily recoup by landing even a single client.

NOTE: When the timer at the top of this page hits zero, the discount WILL go away and you'll have to pay the full price. This isn't a gimmick or trick. If you want the discount price, enroll now. There will NO exceptions made.

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