How to make your freelancing...
Bloggers and YouTubers can screech all they want that freelancing is a "feast/famine cycle". Hardly. It's a symptom of a deeper problem that they, apparently, don't know they have.

Dear friend,

You've probably heard it 100 times...

"Freelancing is a feast/famine cycle"... screecheth the "experts". It's in virtually every article or video you'll read on "going freelance" -- regurgitated like dogma across the web.

To my own shame, I'm sure I've even said it a time or two in my early days.

John Morris

Getter of clients. Teacher of others -- and still not sure why anyone would risk their business like this.

But, the truth is...

It doesn't HAVE to be. Instead what it really is... is a symptom of a deeper problem that most freelancers don't seem to realize they have. What 'tis this problem, you ask? Well, don't mind if I do. It is...

Relying WAY (As In Way, Way) Too Heavily On a Single Method For Getting Clients

Inevitably, when you dig deeper with the "experts" who spout this nonsense what you find is they rely -- almost solely -- on one, maybe two, methods of getting clients (often lamely plastered all over their social media like "$300K earned on Upwork. Yeah... over the course of 15 years.)

Freelancing sites are a big culprit.

But also social media.

Blogging or YouTubing.

And, almost without fail, the methods they use are 100% online. It's like they don't even realize there's this whole world out there where people meet and have conversations... in-person.

Like... in real life.

Shocking, I know!

But, you should see the HD quality on "reality". It's pretty unreal. Anyway, if this is you... OR, you've been trying to get *started* freelancing but have only ever tried 1 or 2, online-only, methods...

It's a Recipe For Disaster and Maybe the Dumbest Thing You Could Do If You Wanna Be a Freelancer

Freelance sites change their rules. Google regularly "slaps" it's search engine rankings. YouTube is all over the map as of late. The most effective methods I've used for getting clients the last 17 years...

Have either been 100% offline.

Or, completely untouchable by the tech giants that dominate the interwebs. Cold Email is one -- which you've probably heard me blab about in relation to my Cold Email Method course.

But, it's actually NOT completely untouchable.

Or the *most* effective method I've used.

There's three methods I've never talked about that are responsible for about 80% of the clients I've got over the years. And all three are 100% "untouchable". The internet could die tomorrow and they wouldn't even notice.

In any case, the point here is simple... 

You *should* use every method available to you. And, if you're smart, you'll use them in conjunction with one another to create a continuous avalanche of new clients into your business.

That's what smart freelancers do.

And you either recognize the value in that or you don't. I'm not really interested in doing a bunch of convincing. It all seems pretty obvious to me. That said, if you're picking up what I'm putting down...

My new Freelance Feast course will teach you...

7 Completely Unique and Different Methods For Funneling Hoards of New Clients Into Your Freelance Business

You've probably heard the phrase: "multiple streams of income". Well, the idea here is multiple streams of clients. It's the only legitimate way to future-proof your business and make your freelancing "all feast and no famine".

Included is the usual flim-flam like freelance sites and social media, content marketing -- and even a funner method like cold email. But, it includes 3 methods I've almost never heard anyone else talk about.

And one method I'm confident I'm the only person in the world who even knows what it is -- let alone how to do it successfully. It's all in the course. In any case, here's some of what you'll learn inside:

  • A nearly 100% future-proof and competition-less method for getting clients that's almost impossible to replicate or steal -- that almost nobody talks about. In fact, I dare say... I might be the only person the planet that can teach you this clever little method.

  • A clever way to land your first client even if you have no portfolio and zero experience. In fact, using this method, clients almost never ask for your credentials or do any kind of vetting. Perfect for brand new freelancers looking to break through and get that first hire.

  • How I landed 60-70% of my celebrity clients. Lewis Howes, Michael Hyatt, Inc. Magazine, Tim Ferriss... this method is how I ended up working with all of them. Admittedly, it takes some patience and long-term thinking... but once in place, it can potentially bring you more high quality clients than you'll know what to do with. It's also something I'm certain you've probably never heard of before -- and no other "expert" even knows.

  • A devilishly simple strategy for getting clients on Upwork... when you're brand new and don't have a large portfolio or a ton of past experience. This strategy can even help you to potentially beat out the most experienced and highly-rated freelancers on Upwork.

  • An offline marketing method I learned from a small pizza shop -- they used to run the other two large chain pizza restaurants out of business -- and how to use this method to become a "local hero"... garnering you goodwill and clients with almost zero effort.

  • Where you can find a nearly endless supply of *offline* clients -- with almost zero competition. No, it's not Google or Facebook or any online tool or website. It's 100% offline... but doesn't require any cold-calling or door-to-door. A completely painless way to position yourself for virtually unlimited future growth and revenue potential.

  • A "diagnostic" selling technique, used by doctors and lawyers, to get clients to hire you with almost no selling on your part. In fact, it takes most clients several weeks before they realize they never vetted you and know almost nothing about you. Perfect for new freelancers looking to land their first few clients.

  • The "signal" in Upwork's algorithm that's more important than even Job Success Score and how to use it to carve out and dominate a niche on Upwork's platform.

  • How to sell your services "without selling" -- by using the (universally agreed upon) most powerful method for demonstrating the value of your services... and do it "at scale"... potentially bringing you more clients that you could ever handle.

  • An obscure, little-known website with tens of thousands of potential clients that almost nobody knows about -- and virtually no one else for you to compete with.

  • Your Quintessential Service. A series of exercises to help you zero in on the perfect service for you -- the one with the most revenue potential... that won't make you want to stab yourself in the eyeballs with a spoon.

  • A clever way to leverage your current job to bring you new clients and jumpstart your transition to freelancing full-time. This won't work for every job... but, if you have the right job and the right situation, this can be the fastest way to go freelance and skip all the hard, business-building most freelancers have to do when they first start.

  • An obvious, but little-used, way of writing your overview on freelance sites that nearly eradicates a client's natural skepticism and distrust -- which can lead to significantly higher conversion and hire rates on these platforms.

  • A way of selling your services that actually feels "good" and doesn't make you feel like taking a bleach bath every time you try to get hired (It also has the side benefit of making people really like you -- instead of loathing you as an unwelcome guest just trying pitch his wares).

  • The underground network of businesses and entrepreneurs in desperate need of good service providers. How to find it, infiltrate it and position yourself to potentially rake in all the clients (and revenue) your greedy little heart desires.

  • The "Death By 1,000 Cuts" method for convincing your current employer to let you siphon freelance clients away from their business. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but can be one of the easiest ways to kickstart your freelance career using your current j-o-b.

  • A pressure-free way to close clients on freelance sites and get them to hire you -- without a bunch of cajoling or begging and pleading. No need to don your leisure suit and dump a gallon of grease in your hair to get a client. This drama-free method is perfect for people who hate selling.

  • A sly way to use "the power of God" to get clients -- and no... Jesus isn't gonna shoot lightning bolts at you for this. In fact, it may even earn you a few brownie points with the man upstairs!

  • A deceivingly-simple way to create a groundswell of word-of-mouth in your local community -- which can get everybody talking about you and wanting to hire you for their next project.

  • A simple litmus test to figure out if a prospective client is going to be a royal pain in the arse. Easily avoid problem clients who will suck the life and energy out of you AND your freelance business.

  • The hidden test nearly every freelance site uses to analyze your account that determines if they show your profile to potential clients or not. This single test will make or break you on these freelance sites. It's not ratings or reviews, Job Success Score or any of that. In fact, it happens BEFORE you ever get hired by a single client. I'll show you what it is and how you can pass it.

  • A non-creepy way to turn every 16 and 17-year-old in your community into an evangelist for your services -- bringing you clients on near auto-pilot.

  • A simple trick to turn local meetup groups into a conveyor belt of new leads and potential clients for your freelance business.

  • The "Zombie Ant" method. A clever way to infiltrate and take over other people's businesses and turn them into client-getting factories for you and YOUR business -- with the blessing and 100% support of the "host" business.

  • The "Cheat Code". A sneaky, but 100% ethical, way of out-flanking and out-maneuvering freelance sites and their algorithms to "rocket" to the top of their search and suggestion rankings -- bringing a lot more eyeballs to your profile and potentially a whole slew of new clients. And, oddly enough, most of these sites will love you for doing this.

  • How to infiltrate the clubs and organizations in your city and turn them into your personal marketing "interns" -- which will not only help you get more clients but probably make you "local famous", as well.

  • The "rules of the road" for networking in your local community. Follow them and you'll be a welcome guest other businesses will gladly send clients to. Violate them and you'll become an instant outsider glared at and whispered about behind closed doors -- and no amount of marketing or talent can redeem you.

  • The "feeding frenzy" technique for bidding on jobs on freelance sites. Find and bid on jobs in such a way that creates a kind of feeding frenzy for you and your services on a given site.

  • The secret to nearly limitless productive and creative potential -- and the only legitimate way to maximize what you earn in your freelance business.

  • A "caveman simple" way to get "samples" of your services into the hands of thousands of potential clients -- likely leading to a swarm of new clients for your business.

  • A geeky "network" model of freelance marketing -- an obvious, but subtle, way to turn every "node" in your business network into your personal marketing maven... possibly sending you clients and revenue systematically day in and day out.

  • Without question, the most consistent way to get new clients on virtual auto-pilot. Clients will literally show up in your inbox if you do this right.

  • How to get large, local organizations (like churches, schools -- even other local businesses) to aggressively sell your services for you -- without you paying them a dime.

  • Maybe the simplest way to get clients to consistently rave about you to their friends and colleagues -- bringing you new clients with almost zero effort. It's more than just "do a good job". It's a little twist in how you sell your services that conditions clients to love you and want to praise you.

  • How to pare your "client-getting" activity down to less than an hour a day... so you can, ya know, have "a life" and do things you enjoy -- instead of being chained to your desk for hours on end frantically searching for your next client.

  • How to spot and profit from trends and fads in your industry -- without selling your soul to the latest gimmick or bright, shiny object.

  • A marketing principle, that is the #1 tool used by large corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Google and others, you can use to get hired -- regardless of how talented or experienced you are.

  • How to make people like you. What might be the easiest way to get everyone you talk to and network with to love you and want to be your friend (and eventually send you new clients). If networking and being sociable freaks you out, this no-pressure method will be right up your alley.

And yes... a whole lot more.

Bottom line... if you're smart enough to recognize the danger in relying too heavily on one or two methods of getting clients, then this course will teach you how to leverage all 7 methods to bring in new clients to your business.

And, if you're new and struggling to get clients...

This will open up a whole new world of possibilities that you probably never thought of and likely won't find on your favorite YouTuber's latest "epic" video. If all that intrigues you...

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