Hi. Welcome to the page where I try to sucke-- uh, I try to persuade you to buy my new course, Kings of Consulting. I think this is where I...
Really? Okay, fine. Amazon, Google, Nike, Office Depot, Circle K... what do they all have in common?

Hi person, 

So, that's the question? 

What do all those massive companies that sound cool in a headline have in common -- besides eccentric billionaire CEOs who are probably lizard people? 
John Morris

Mind-reader. Dropper of names.

Well, I don't know everything but I do know one thing...

They've all used the same "secret weapon" (ominous music) consultant to help them fix their retail lease shyte-shows. 

No, it's not me. 

God, I wish it was. 

Then, I could spend this whole page talking about how smart and good-looking... and funny... don't forget funny... how very, very funny I am. 

But alas... It's not me. 

It's "this guy I know" who legitimately has been brought in by all these companies to help fix their retail lease management. That's the software that manages payments for all the retail locations these companies have. 

Automagically paying rent and all that jazz. 

Often hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. And tragically outdated software managing it. He's the guy that comes in and fixes it.
And I Tied Him to a Chair, Pulled Out All His Fingernails and Lit His Hair On Fi-- Okay, Not Really... But I Did Talk To Him
He happens to be a family member. 

And I convinced him to work with me on this course to help me show YOU how to create and run a high-end consulting program built on the back of your existing freelance skills. 

Thank you, thank you. 

Okay... okay... 

You can stop clapping. I know I'm such a swell guy. But you might be wondering...
"Why In the Name of Peter's First-Born Would I Want to Offer Consulting?"
Talk... like live... with other human beings? 

Sounds creepy. 

But, hear me out... I believe (and I'm always right, just ask my wife) that consulting may just be the easiest way to start a side hustle than can quickly turn into your main gig. 

Even easier than freelancing. 

Which I'm on the record saying is also one of the easier ways to give your boss the double bird and kick your J.O.B to the curb. 

But, with freelancing, you gotta mess with all that "project management" and "responsibility" stuff. Because you're the one building the website or creating the design, writing the article... whatever it is you do. 

It's YOU doing it. 


With consulting, you're just helping someone else to do it for themselves. 

Show up. 

Spit facts. 

Collect checks. 


Okay, maybe that's overselling it, but it's pretty darn close. For example, I once worked at a company who paid a consultant $5,000/hour to show up and answer our questions. 

That was it. 

He didn't actually DO anything. 

Showed up, gave us a 15-minute presentation about who he was... and then answered questions for the next few hours. 

Then, got back on his plane and flew home. 

Uh... sign me up! 

Consulting is also easier to work around a regular job or main gig... because you just schedule the calls when you have open time. There's nothing else to do outside the calls, so it's that simple. 

Or add it as an additional offer with your freelance services. 

So, the fat cats can pay for your high-end service where you do all the work but the normies can pay a little less to have you show *them* how to do it. 

And you can get back some of the clients who *want* to work with you, but just can't afford it. And it doesn't take a bunch of extra work to start offering... since you're already doing it freelance. 

So yeah... consulting good. But you also might be wondering...

(You thought I was kidding about that mind-reading thing, didn't you?)
"Uh Okay. John, You're Amazing and I Love You. You're Definitely Smarter Than Me, But I Aint's Got a Clue How to Create a Consulting Program"
Aww, you're so sweet. 

I am pretty amazing. 

But, here's the thing... 

This is why I hog-tied my kin-folk and made him tell me all his "dirty little secrets" (do I need to do the name-drop thing again, cuz I will!). It's more than just knowing what to do. 

A guy who has done it as long as him, with those kinds of clients... 

It's like consulting zen (no wacky tobaccy necessary). 

They don't just know what to do... they've refined and simplified it to a point, it kinda makes you feel guilty how easy it is. 

And so, that's what we do. 

Show you a really simple method for constructing a consulting program... on ANY topic... that's not about whiz-bang or flash or showing off how big your... ahem... brain is. It's about results. 

And virtually guaranteeing them for your client. 

So, you're confident going in, clients love you and wanna have your babies and the thing grows and grows over time (the consulting program, you weirdo) -- because of word of mouth (stop it!). 

And you can create this program in probably less than an hour. 

That's WHY I got this dude to help me. 

But, you might also be wondering...
"Wait. Human Interaction? You Mean I'd Have to 'Talk' to the Peasants? Sounds Gross."
You know... you wonder about a lot of stuff. 

But yeah, you do have to interact with other human beings. I'm sorry. I know they don't deserve you and your genius and should be happy you even inhabit the same planet as them... 

But, dem's the breaks. 

Of course, if it might perchance be that you'd be nervous running a consulting meeting... Perhaps, maybe?

Again, I got you dude! 

Because I also include in the course a meeting template that I was commissioned to make for a 7-figure coaching and membership program owner. 

It was for their high-end software clients... 

Who were paying hundreds of dollars per month for the software. 

I created this template for their onboarding meeting. And it became the way they onboarded all their high-end clients from that point forward. 

To the point their most junior employee... who frankly was awful at just about everything and scared of his own shadow, let alone other humans... even HE was able to run those meetings and clients were more than happy. 

So, you get that, as well... 

You'll be able to run meetings with confidence and control, keep clients from getting out of pocket and ultimately help them get what *they* want:  your babie-- uh, results. I mean results.
"Okay, John... You Seriously Are the Smartest Guy I Know and You're So Good-Looking. I'm With You... But, Do I Know Enough to Consult With People?"

I'm starting to think you just want to talk yourself out of this. But okay... I'll answer just this one more. 

Here's the thing... 

People make this WAY harder than it has to be. Same with freelancing. 

All freelancing is... is finding something that you can do and then doing it for other people. There are people who get paid to walk dogs. Paid to deliver food to your house. Paid to go grocery shopping for you. 

At a fundamental level, that's all freelancing is.

But, consulting? Ha! 

That's even less! 

It's you getting on the phone and telling them how to walk their dog properly. So, all you need is a thing you can do that others will pay you for. There's no magical research method needed, either. 

It's a simple test... 

Are others currently... like right now... paying others to do this thing? 

  • Are people paying to have websites built for them? Yes. 
  • Are people paying to have logos designed for them? Yes. 
  • Are people paying to have blog articles written for them? Yes.
  • Are people paying to have someone run their social media?

For the love of all that's holy... YES!

So, that's it. That's the question. If it's yes, then you can probably create a consulting program for it. So, it's that simple. And if YOU can do this thing -- whatever it is -- then, you're good.
"Okay, John... One Last Thing... Marketing?"
So yeah... 

This is NOT a marketing course. 

So, know that going in. However, ya boy ain't gonna leave you high and dry! I actually included a section that covers three different marketing methods you can use to sell your consulting program.

Including a YouTube method that's my primary method of marketing... 

And a disgustingly simple way to use social media to get consulting clients.

(That you honestly could use for your freelance services, as well.) 

So... again, I got you. But I think we just do this... let me tell you what's in the course and you can decide if it's something you want. All this mind-reading is starting to make me tired.

Here's some of what you'll find in the course:

Why consulting might be an even easier way to start your own business and start building your own "evil" empire away from the corporate schmucks, annoying bosses and the doldrums of the 9-to-5 grind. Less work. Higher margins. Greater chance of success. Less time. I'll show you why and how to quickly get a consulting program off the ground and create a side hustle that can quickly turn into your main hustle... even if you're starting from complete scratch. 

A program-building method I swiped from a high-end consultant whose clients include Amazon, Google, Nike, Office Depot, Circle K and more -- most of the Fortune 500s top companies. The exact method he uses to deliver a high-end program (often with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake) for these clients -- staying in control, confident and ensuring they're deeply satisfied. I'll teach you this method and how to use it to build a premiere quality consulting program (that's not all that complicated). 

How to exert complete dominance and control over your consulting meetings -- and why it's to your client's benefit to do so. I'll give you a template I developed for a 7-figure coaching, software and membership program owner that became the way they now onboard all their high-end coaching and software clients -- to give you control, confidence and clarity in your consulting meetings and virtually ensure your clients will get the results they're after in a way that's deeply satisfying. 

An easy way to leverage the skills you already have to create a high-end consulting program. You don't need to be a 15-year veteran or the next Albert Einstein. I'll show you how to sit down and design a high-quality consulting program around a topic you're familiar with... in less than an hour. A program you KNOW will deliver -- and doesn't require that you know everything about everything that could possibly ever come up. Simple, direct, efficient and valuable. 

The "backdoor" method I'm using to sell my own high-end consulting program. It's not flashy or flamboyant. It's not about posting a bunch of "epic content" on my "socials". It's mostly hidden and maybe the most effective way of marketing a continuity program I've ever seen -- used by nearly all the 7- and 8-figure clients I've worked with over the years. 

A "1-page funnel" method of using social media to drive new clients into your consulting program. If you like simplicity, this is your method. There's no magic, no complicated funnels, no pretending -- a direct and effective way to funnel clients from your social media into your consulting program in droves. 

A YouTube marketing method I've used to earn hundreds of thousands in course sales and how you can use it to make more sales of your consulting program while simultaneously growing your YouTube audience and your influencer status. 

Example topics you could create a consulting program around right now. Admittedly, they're across a few different markets and you may or may not have knowledge on these topics (I mean, I don't know)... but, if you DO, I just give you the topics. Ones that are hot right now and you could create a consulting program around... *knowing* it would already be in demand.

And a bunch more... 

Bottom line: you'll learn how to brainstorm, build and launch a high-end consulting program from complete scratch. And use that program however you see fit... as a side hustle so you can take your sweetie to the movies, a main gig so you can give your boss the double-bird, or as an add-on your existing freelancing to create leverage in your business. 

How you use it is up to you... 

But, we'll show you how to create a program that delivers. 

Aight so... that's the scoop. You have...
Two Ways to Get the Course
I've got two different ways you can get the course. 

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Second, is a way to get it "essentially free"... over on Skillshare. It's a few more hoops to jump through, so I made a video that will explain that deal to you. You can watch that video here: https://johnmorrisonline.com/skillshare 

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