SHOCKER! It actually is possible to launch a highly valuable, beloved and lucrative online course *without* creating an 87-hour magnum opus or dancing around like...
25+ Courses Created, Over 30,000+ Students, Hundreds of Thousands Earned and Six Years as a U.S. Army Instructor Have Proven It To Me. And, If You'd Like, I'll Show You How to Do the Same -- Without Driving Yourself Bat-Pucky Crazy.

Dear friend, 

The last six years I was in the Army... 

I was an instructor... training soldiers deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. I spent every moment of every day thinking about how to best reach and teach those students. 

Because their lives were literally on the line.
John Morris

Former U.S. Army Instructor. Not a drunk sorority chick.

And we didn't have time for "cute"... 

Or "dope"... 

Or "epic". 

Only one thing mattered: impact. I taught a lot of different things... from Unarmed Self-Defense, Downed Aviator Recovery, Convoy Ops, Detainee Ops... none of it was rocket surgery, necessarily. 

What mattered...

Was impacting those soldiers so they perked up, paid attention and actually learned what I was teaching. And an interesting thing happens when you teach tens of thousands of people... heading into such an intense, do-or-die situation.

When their life is literally in your hands. 

All the B.S. and dumb shit quickly gets scrapped. And you cut straight to the stuff that matters. That's probably why I get so f***ing frustrated with what I'm seeing in online education, these days.
A Bunch of Know-Nothing "Teachers" Dancing Around Like Drunk Sorority Chicks Focused Only on Making a Quick Buck

With their "epic" montages... and "dope" transitions. I'm sure it's all fun to create... but, does it really help anybody learn? Doubtful. Even worse, a lot of people get dazzled by the "sizzle" and completely forget about the "steak". 

They start to evaluate the value of a course or video based on its production value... Not the information in it and, ya know, actually learning something useful and getting results.

What a novel f***ing concept! 

It's the blind leading the blind in a lot of ways. 

In any case, I bring all this up because I've noticed it also stops a lot of would-be course creators -- people who have tons of experience and wisdom that could really help people and have a tremendous impact on other people's lives.

Because they start to believe they, too, have to dance around like an idiot... 

Or include a bunch of stupid and annoying transitions... 

Or, tell lame jokes so their students feel "entertained". 

And, it causes them to miss out on what I believe is...

The Single Greatest Way to Create Massive Leverage and Insane Earnings -- Sometimes Even as High as $5,000/Hour -- For Freelancers, Coaches and Anyone With Knowledge to Share

And possibly have cash virtually pouring in...

Month after month after month.

Through pandemics, recessions, stock market crashes, idiotic government policies, health emergencies and just plain old being lazy or, ya know, wanting to take a freakin' day off.

Let me give you an example... 

I have a course I created about a decade ago that, to this day, is still my best-selling course. It happens that the topic is fairly evergreen and I purposefully created it in a way to BE as future-proof as I could. 

And it's worked out well. 

I spent maybe 30 hours total creating it. 

A few hours here and there over the years tweaking it. 

And, it makes me several thousand dollars each and every month... all these years later. Through multiple recessions, a global pandemic, the typical freelancing ups and downs, a health scare...

Though it all...

For me, the checks just kept coming in.

Even if, I did little to no work that month.

I haven't done all the math -- it's a bit tricky because the course is sold in multiple different ways -- but I feel confident saying it's earned me at least $5,000/hour over the years. 

That is, how much I've earned VS how much time I invested. 

In reality, I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to $10,000 or $15,000. That is the power of an online course. You create it once and you can make money off it for years and years to come. 

Now, obviously, I can't promise or even imply that you'd make the same as me. You might make way more, you might make way less. You might not make anything at all. You might even lose money.

Hell, I don't know.

I don't know you or your work ethic.

But, I can show you what I do. And, if you're smart and have even a modicum of ambition, then I personally believe, at a mininum, you'd make way more than what you invest. Especially, if you're a freelancer. 

And, that's because, I believe...

Freelancers Are Uniquely Positioned to Make Bank From an Online Course
You're already an expert on the topic you freelance in. You already have established authority. You likely already even have an audience. Creating an online course simply opens up a new revenue stream for you -- and lets you still get paid from people who can't afford your full-blown service. 

Even better... it's a mostly hands-off revenue stream. 

So, it doesn't create a ton of extra work for you. 

And, can create insane amounts of leverage -- where you're earning without actually *doing* anything. Create it once and make money off it for years. It's just such an obvious move to make. 

(And, even if, you're still just an "aspiring" freelancer... you're going to eventually have the knowledge and authority I'm talking about. You're going to be working on creating it, anyway. Why not leverage it even more?)

That said, I've noticed that a lot people miss...
The Not-So-Obvious Ways to Profit From an Online Course -- Even If You Never Sell a Single Copy
Way back in my early days of freelancing... 

A client of mine had me attend a marketing conference to help run the booth they had set up there. And, I got stuck next to this guy who was seriously in love with the sound of his own voice. God, he loved to talk... and talk and talk and talk -- and then talk some more!

How great he was... 

How great his company was... 

How ingenious the product they sold was... 

And, don't forget... also how great he was. In cased you missed it the first 700 times. Anyway, the product his company sold was books. Kinda. What they did was help people write and publish books. They targeted the internet marketing types that were popular back then. 

And he divulged all their dirty secrets. 

Essentially, they didn't care if they ever sold a copy of the book. The whole point was for the person to be able to *say* they were an author. It created some immediate credibility that they then used to get speaking gigs, TV appearances and sell more of their products and services. 

In fact, some of the celebrity business people that are so popular today... 

This is what they did to get so popular. 

I know because I've worked with a lot of them.

Hell, I've even helped some of them with all this.

Now, you can scoff and snicker at that. Truthfully, I'm "meh" on the whole thing, myself. But, it illustrates how simply *having* a book published can create instant authority and credibility. The same is true for an online course. 

And there are many not-so-obvious ways an online course can help your career -- even if you never sell a single copy. Here's a few:

1. Create Instant Authority and Credibility. Just like writing a book... simply *having* an online course can position you as an expert on a particular topic. And that credibility can be used to sell more stuff, open new doors, garner a large social media following, get booked on radio and TV shows, become famous -- almost anything you want. And that's all even if you never sell a single copy. 

2. Helped You Get Booked On Radio, TV Shows, Podcasts, YouTube Channels and more. Being the curmudgeon I am, it's somewhat annoying to me. But, I constantly get emails from people wanting me to come on their podcast or YouTube channel. I've never pursued the TV or radio thing, but I know I easily could if I wanted. Someone who is smarter than me and isn't a curmudgeon could probably use this to become famous pretty quick -- which would help sell even more of your stuff. 

3. Create Your Own Personal UBI. Every month, Skillshare sends me several thousand dollars for the people who watch my courses on their site. I do some marketing of those courses, but the bulk of that comes from their own internal marketing. I know because I stopped marketing it for several months... but the Skillshare checks kept rolling in. So, you can put your courses on a site like that and create your own kind of personal UBI (Universal Basic Income) -- without the need for some corrupt politician. 

4. More Easily Network and Create Valuable Business Connections. I get even more emails -- probably a dozen or so every week -- from online course platforms, bloggers and other businesses who "saw my courses" and want to work with me in some way. Are all these legit and/or valuable? Maybe not... but, if I wasn't such a hermit, I could easily find ways to network with these people and create some valuable business connections. That's what simply *having* an online course can do. 

5. Get Free Products and Services. This doesn't happen as often... but, from time to time, I'll get people who contact me and want to "trade courses". Or, students who can't afford a course who are willing to trade their service for my course. I've gotten lots of "free stuff" over the years simply from having an online course. 

6. A Simple Value-Add or Upsell to Your Existing Services. For example, someone invests in your service and they get your $497 online course for free. That's real value for potential clients. It also makes you unique because a lot of freelancers don't create or offer their courses like this. Every little bit you add to your service offer can tip the scale in your favor and help you get hired -- and an online course is a perfect value-add. 

7. The Perfect Client Support Tool to Eliminate Annoying Questions and Misunderstandings. An online course can also be the perfect way to "onboard" new clients. Let's say, just as an example, you build websites with an SEO tilt to them. You promise an SEO-optimized site that can potentially rank better in search engines. But, part of that requires your client to follow some important instructions when they create new content. Instead of explaining it to every client, you could create an SEO course that you sell... but also give to clients and it shows them what to do -- eliminating a bunch of annoying questions and potential problems for you. That's one example, but a course can serve as the perfect customer support tool for your freelance services. 

8. Simple Fame and Notoriety (And Some Bragging Rights). A few weeks back, a friend of my brother's came to visit and the inevitable "what do you do for work" question came up. Not gonna lie... it felt kinda good when I told him I've taught over 30,000+ students and he audibly gasped. "Really? Holy cow!" Won't necessarily make me any money, but it sure felt good. 

9. Money. Of course, let's not forget the fact that you're actually going to be selling this course and it has the potential to bring you thousands, even hundreds of thousands, in potential profit. More importantly, in my opinion, is the leverage it creates and the time it gives you. You don't have to be there day in and day out like you do with client work. Create the course once... profit forever.

And, there's probably a lot more ways to profit that I'm not listing here.

 All this, then, is why I decided to create my new course on courses:
Sane Course Creation
The idea behind this is simple. 

I'm going to show you how to create an online course that cuts out all the B.S. and unnecessary nonsense so you can tap into all the potential benefits I just listed -- without driving yourself mad... creating a 87-hour magnum opus or dancing around like a demon monkey. 

So, it actually gets *done*.

Instead of just continuing to be an idea "in your head".

And, a course that's good. 

That your students will love. 

I, daresay, more than the whiz-bang, "epic" courses the know-nothings create. 

Leveraging my near-decade's worth of experience teaching online courses, six years teaching tens of thousands of soldiers deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, 30,000+ students (on Skillshare alone) and hundreds of thousands of dollars earned... 

To show you how to brainstorm, create and sell your online course -- without all the madness. All that said, here's some of the things you'll learn inside:

A technique, used by the late, great Stan Lee, to create many of Marvel's most popular characters -- The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and all the others you know and love, today -- and grow Marvel into globally-recognized brand and multi-billion dollar company. And how I've used this same methodology to help your courses not just get more attention and interest , but create a fanboy-like loyalty for YOU -- where students almost reflexively snap up every new course or product you create without thinking -- potentially bringing you more course sales over time (Lesson 2). 

A propaganda tool, used by Joseph Stalin, to create blind obedience among his closest allies and followers -- and an ethical way to use this technique to create raving fans and help sell your courses. Certainly not for the easily offended, but the method itself is agnostic. Like a knife, it can be used for good or bad. I'll show you how I use it to create a kind of "blind faith" in my audience and use that to sell more of my courses -- without turning into a murderous psychopath :D (Lesson 2).

The "Gary Vee" Marketing Method. A single sentence from one of Gary Vee's old speeches turned into a marketing method that's earned me tens, maybe even hundreds, of thousands of dollars, in course revenue. It's now my most effective method and the primary way I sell my courses... and, strangely enough, it's almost entirely "hidden" from public view -- so nobody knows I'm doing it. This the first time I ever revealed this strategy... and I show you what it is and how to do it yourself in this course (Lesson 7).

A course-naming hack, developed by the King of Online Dating, to slice through all the noise and command attention -- even in the most crowded niches. Everybody and their brother's, dog's sister is creating a course it seems like. How do you get people's attention in that environment? A seductive course name is half the battle. I'll show you a simple course-naming methodology (I learned from the man almost universally-agreed-upon as the king of the ultra-crowded online dating niche) that can not only help you slice through all the noise and get people to pay attention to YOU and YOUR course... but can also turn those who do take your course into raving fans and lifelong customers (Lesson 4).

The secret to crisp audio even in noisy environments. I live on a farm with horses, dogs, chickens and 1-year-old daughter. My recording studio has a refrigerator that kicks on periodically and a fairly loud air conditioner and it's not soundproof. Yet, I'm still able to create clean audio that passes even the strict standards of sites like Udemy and Skillshare. I'll show you how I do it -- without a bunch of expensive equipment or software (Lesson 5).

A peculiar-sounding course format, used by popular YouTuber Brad Traversy, that makes your courses more engaging, more fun and more beloved by students -- without you jumping around like a cricket on crack. There's a reason Brad is so popular and everyone unanimously agrees his coding tutorials are some of the best... he consistently uses this weird-sounding, but simple, format to cram his tutorials with value. I'll show you what it is and how to use it make courses your audience will love (Lesson 3).

10 red-hot course topics handed to you on a silver platter. These topics span multiple niches and disciplines, so they won't all apply to you... but, if you have even cursory knowledge on any one of them, you could create a course *knowing* there's a market of prospects hungry for this type of information and remove all the guesswork when picking a topic (Lesson 2).

How many of the world's most famous business celebrities built their fame and fortunes. This sneaky little method isn't for the faint of heart -- it may even be considered shady by some -- but it's how some of the most popular online influencers created their fame virtually out of thin air. I'll show you a non-shady, completely ethical way to do it using online courses (Lesson 1). 

The "underachiever" method of online course creation. I'll show you how I crank out new (high quality) courses month after month while still only working a few hours a day -- and running a wholly separate freelance business. Time is my most valuable asset. If creating courses meant I had to work 10 or 12 -- hell even 8 hours a day -- I wouldn't do it. I'll show you my highly streamlined method so you can add this lucrative revenue stream -- without adding more hours to your work day (Lesson 5).

The Godfather of Copywriting's method for finding course topics with large swaths of hungry buyers -- that doesn't involve Googling or any of the typical mumbo-jumbo. He started his career as the freelance copywriter LA ad agencies used to sneak in the back door of their offices to do the sales jobs their staff writes couldn't pull off. Now, he's considered one of the godfathers of copywriting and online marketing. I'll show you his method for quickly zeroing in on the course ideas with the most profit potential and ease of selling. You can rest assured you'll have a winning topic to create a course on (Lesson 2). 

A tactic, used (again) by the great Stan Lee to garner deep emotional investment in his comic book characters -- to the point grown men were crying in theaters when Iron Man died -- and how to use a version of this tactic to cram your course with immense value... possibly earning you the same kind of emotional investment and loyalty. While other course creators barely scratch the surface on a given topic, you'll dig deep... cramming your course with value -- all in a way that's simple and natural for you. This is the "big secret" to how nearly all of my courses have a 90%+ satisfaction rate (something virtually unheard of in the industry) and why most of my students happily buy course after course from me -- often without even fully reading the sales material for them (Lesson 3). 

A "newbie-friendly" marketing principle rapper 50 Cent leveraged to burst onto the music scene in 2003 and sell 12 million copies of his very first album. How he went from a virtual nobody to the best-selling album of that year and one of the best-selling albums of all-time. I'll teach you the method and show you how to use it to create a course with "blank copy appeal" -- which makes it way easier to market and sell when you're a complete newbie (Lesson 2).

The exact equipment, software, settings -- all the nerd stuff -- I use when creating talking head videos, slide presentations, audio recordings, etc. Which microphone I use, what camera(s), how I design my slides, how to create clean audio (with just a coupe minutes of editing) -- all the geeky tech info your little heart desires. I didn't create a bunch of walkthroughs and turn this into an 20-hour course, but I tell you what I use, how I set the settings and, most importantly, how to streamline it all to make your recording, editing and publishing process as quick and smooth as possible so you can knock out course after course without a bunch of technical overhead (Lesson 5).

The Quintessence of Value. It's the constant refrain of the Insta-gurus: "give value". But how? What actually makes something valuable? After 25+ courses created, over 30,000 paying students, hundreds of thousands earned... I can tell you definitively what makes a course valuable *to your students*. And I'll show you a simple way to cram value into your course... so your students walk way "dumbfounded" by how much they just learned (Lesson 5). 

A sly persuasion principle, used by the controversial YouTuber PewDiePie, to create near-instant believability. How to create the same kind of cult-like faith (without acting like a weirdo) and how to use it to command respect, attention and maybe even more course sales. (Lesson 2).

A rapid-editing method I picked up from an obscure documentary on how big Hollywood movies are created. This method cut my editing time down to a fraction of what it was and is a big reason why I'm able to create so much content so quickly (Lesson 5).

Which course platforms to avoid at all costs (and the ones you can trust). With 25+ course created and nearly a decade as a course creator, I've been contacted by hundreds of different course platforms and put my courses in dozens of different places. Some of those platforms can add a easy new stream of revenue... and some are thieves just looking to steal your content. Inside, I'll show you not only how to protect your course, but also how to find the right platform for your courses to maximize what you earn (Lesson 6). 

How a shy, broke trailer park kid with no respect and no connections came to command obedience and reverence from million-dollar CEOs and Fortune 5000 companies. His simple branding approach, discussed in Lessons 1 and 2, helped him command respect and client work from some of today's most popular business celebrities (including Lewis Howes, Ben Settle, Michael Hyatt, Inc. Magazine and others) -- and how you can copy his old school method using an online course (Lessons 1 and 2). 

A "so obvious it's often overlooked" website you can use for uncovering the topics and information your prospects want right now -- to help you create a course with a large market of highly-motivated buyers (Lesson 2). 

The economic theory, used by the wealthiest course creators, to charge $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 and more for their online courses. Apply this theory to how you create your course and you can charge almost anything you want. Don't and you'll have a hard time getting people to care even if it's free (Lesson 2). 

Where to spend 80% of your time when creating an online course. Not naming, not marketing, not graphics, not recording, editing, fancy transitions or whiz-bang effects, not even the content itself. This one counter-intuitive task will account for 80% of the success of your course (Lesson 3). 

An idiot-proof method for creating an overtly unique course. Nobody wants ho-hum or cookie-cutter. Nothing will kill your sales and student satisfaction faster. I'll show you a stupid simple (and authentic) way to create an unquestionably unique course that stands out and gets attention (and sales) (Lesson 3). 

A consistently effective way to inject life and energy into your courses -- without acting like an idiot. Everything in your course, everything you teach should be oriented around this simple principle. Without it, your courses will feel empty and boring -- and create negative word-of-mouth (Lesson 3).

A counter-intuitive way of writing sales copy (I learned from the infamous copywriter, Gary Halbert) that generates a nearly-insatiable desire for your course -- without all the hoopla and over-promising. People are skeptical these days. There's a fine line between presenting your course in an exciting way and crossing over the line into hype. I'll show you a less obvious way of writing your sales material that rides that line and can increase your course sales -- even among your most skeptical prospects (Lesson 7).

A sly method for infiltrating even the most guarded niches on social media, establish dominance and attract new followers (who are ideal prospects for your course) -- without creating mountains of free content or "giving away your best stuff" and without kissing the ass of other online influencers. You'll come, you'll see, you'll conquer sotospeak (Lesson 7). 

The "Ferris Bueller" method for creating content that's interesting and engaging. Remember that movie? The scene where Ben Stein is teaching and everybody's falling asleep because he's the epitome of boring. Well, I'll show you an easy way to make your course fun and engaging even if you have the personality of a door knob -- and without undermining your credibility and being inauthentic (Lesson 5).

And yes... a whole lot more.

The bottom line is this...

An online course can create serious leverage in your business -- allowing you to, yes, potentially make more money... but, do it without being strapped to your desk 26 hours a day...

Or, constantly sucking up to clients.

Revenue that can flatten the up and down nature of freelance income and persist through all kinds of financial turmoil -- whether it be because of mother nature, some idiot politician, simple bad luck...

Or, you just wanting a damn day (or month) off.

And do it all while keeping your self-respect.

And not having to act like a 12-year-old.

In any case, that either floats your boat or it doesn't. If not, no hard feelings, but it's best you pass on this. Half-assers and "tryers" won't get much out of this course. It's for doers.

And the value (as with most things) is in the implementation.

That said, if you're in...

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The offer on this is simple.

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Take it or leave it. Just remember... all sales are FINAL and there are NO refunds. If you're, at all, uncertain about taking the course... don't. If you half-ass buy it, you'll half-ass implement it.

And, that's not good for anybody.

Anyway, if you're 100% sure you want in...

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